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The Most Common Oral Diseases

The concern for hygiene and oral health is increasing in today’s society, yet still the leading cause of visits to the dentist are oral conditions instead of preventive.

How Do You Maintain Good Oral Health?

Thus, although we have at our disposal numerous means to reduce oral-dental problems, it really does not happen because there are few who take proper hygienic measures.

Thus, between bucco-dental conditions frequently found in the dental plates, which are a group of bacteria that are installed on the surface of the teeth and gums to form a sticky, colorless film.This condition is in turn the main cause of occurrence of cavities and gum disease and can be easily eliminated with proper brushing.

It is also quite common to find the formation of tartar, which is a hardening of the dental plaque and is located generally at the base of the teeth, the gum line or below them.

It is also usual calls the appearance of decay that appear as a result of poor oral hygiene (which allows food to accumulate in the mouth that gradually destroy the enamel of the teeth). Thus, the production of food acids attack progressively weakened structure of the teeth up to its root.

Among the most common oral disease also appears periodontal disease. This is a disorder which develops due to the existence of a plaque which leads to loss of periodontal support of teeth, or bone that holds it.

In this sense, it is also frequent visits to the dentist for cases of halitosis or bad breath as a result of poor oral hygiene or gum disease.

Fortunately, all these conditions could be resolved with proper preventive measures such as brushing teeth, reduced consumption of foods such as sugar affecting enamel and regular visits to the dentist.


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